How to use this toolkit

The toolkit contains over 30 different issue guides which take users through the main elements of each issue, including why the issue is important when designing MSPs; examples from SUN countries which have already tried to address each issue; and a set of practical tools to help MSP members to address each issue in their own MSP.

The issue guides are arranged so that they can be accessed in a range of ways:

  • The issue guides are arranged under topic headings, so that a user can systematically learn more about how to address a specific topic, for instance ‘understanding context’ or ‘engaging stakeholders’.
  • The issue guides can also be accessed via a set of key questions such as ‘how do I set the objectives of an MSP’, which will take a user through a pathway including the most relevant issue guides for this question.
  • Alternatively, the issue guides can be browsed by title, and users can choose to read those they feel are most relevant to their needs.